#8 Snapface, Ben’s eternal feud and Wall Street uniforms

“A lot of fun but also boring” – Ben 2019

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In this episode, Ben & Alex talk about why Ben refuses to accept a five year old friend request and his initiation to the freefolk. Alex tries to convince Ben that he should have an Instagram & LinkedIn account, and expresses his love for a particular uniform. Join us for a casual and interesting chat regarding topics we enjoy talking about. Triple B will be posting new episodes weekly so follow along wherever you get your podcast!

Links to recommendations we discussed in this episode:
Binging with Babish – Ben
@midtownuniform – Alex

Other links to things discussed in this episode:
Freefolk subreddit
Trollface memes
Somebody toucha my spaghet meme
Absolutely barbaric meme Italian food
Mexico is gonna pay for it
Myspace loses all their data
@aoc Instagram

Cook Island 2016 (completely unrelated to the episode)

Triple B is hosted by Alex Pascal and Ben Hammer, who launched the show in May 2019. Our show is an independent creation by two friends who like to chat about interesting and non-interesting topics. Join us on our weekly journey where we explore all things life has to offer!

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